About our idea

VRMotion is an application which helps stroke patients to recover their hand motor skills.

Movements of the hand, which have to be relearned after a stroke, are practiced playful in a virtual environment. The hand of a patient is tracked in real time with the Leap Motion Controller in 3D and projected into the application. This virtual reality enables a computer-based estimation of the patient's motor skills and a transparent documentation of his or her progress.

With VRMotion patients can train independently in addition to their therapies. Therapists will be supported through a detailed performance analysis by our application. Furthermore, we offer an interface for medical staff so that they can create their own game concepts.


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About us

We are an interdisciplinary team consisting of the health care managment student Alessa Dreixler and the computer science student Tobias Heuer. Together we have created VRMotion, which helps stroke patients to recover their hand motor skills.

VRMotion was developed with the purpose to participate at the Imagine Cup 2016. We have won the German Final in the category World Citizenship in this competition and now we are waiting for the announcing of the World Final participants, which take place at the end of July in Seattle.


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